1. papasticks said: Keep it G young man. You get better and better every time I see ya skate !!



  2. mvstymami said: sean, amazing job in joyride and cherry! You're my Fav sk8r :-) love you!!



  3. kivehnchy said: god made u a cute lil hoe ass hot sk8r

    hoe ass <3


  4. Anonymous said: Ohhh look at me my names sean pablo I'm so big and strong I can go around jumping all over security guards pSSH WRONG your a dumb fag

    here’s something to read while you cool down



  5. Anonymous said: He's not an asshole for telling you no, you can't skate here. You should be more respectful. And you knew you were doing something wrong because you ran really fast away

    grow some balls you sniveling conformist nerd


  6. Anonymous said: SEAN why did you skate into that guy in the suit and throw him in the floor??? kfogosofosoeb

    i don’t like assholes


  7. Anonymous said: Too bad ur str8

    doesn’t mean we can’t sk8


  8. Anonymous said: The style you posses is beyond amazing , I absolutely love the way you skate Mr Pablo ( :



  9. Anonymous said: i smile for my friends but i cry later, what do i do?

    find a good therapist


  10. Anonymous said: Describe nico