1. jamesmoening asked: What's your favorite cereal?

    frosted flakes…no milk…i dont like beverage…at all. I swear…

    I like a tad bit of mirky toilet water in my cereal…

    love it



  2. Anonymous asked: What music do you like?

    alton ellis - breaking up is hard to do


  5. lifes a bitch asshole


  6. bathannatt asked: You ever read the Bible? I think it's pretty cool.

    as a human artifact filled with primitive legends written by confused and frightened primates it’s a very beautiful work of transcendent fiction. as an iconic and deeply influential cultural signifier it’s the exemplar of human weakness, petty hubris and stupidity and a devastatingly unfortunate mistake for all humankind…


  7. Anonymous asked: How do you feel about Feminism?

    i love hot chicks!


  8. Anonymous asked: Referring to your last post about fake sincerity, aren't you basically acting like Holden? The whole premise just reeks of teen angst drivel.

    the debate is pretty real and important if you’re interested in art, culture, humanity and the way we express and articulate our current condition poetically as the singular species of meaning-makers on this planet… i think it’s about articulating what it is to be human here and now… but if you see it as ‘teen angst drivel’ from your lofty position who am i to argue? here’s a recent article in salon that i think summarizes the canonical ‘irony-is-bad’ position invoking one of my favorite writers DFW. i think it’s way more complex than the article suggests - a simple irony/sincerity dichotomy. the way forward is not falling back on sincerity, that too (given everything we’ve collectively been through) is a cynical oppositional strategy isn’t it? we necessarily need to acknowledge and deal with the layered meta-knowingness now permanently lacing our minds, deeply and irrefutably embedded in the core of our culture and find a way forward, not away from but through the vicious relativism, empty pluralism and vapid nihilism it gives rise to. but an explicit strategy of “sincerity” just seems too ironically calculated to do the job don’t you think?



  9. Anonymous asked: You are nigger

    you are grammatically challenged (and seem to lack the intelligence to apply racial slurs in an ethnically appropriate way)


  10. Anonymous asked: Do you do drugs? I hope u do