1. blancneiges said: what model is your pants ???

    i wish their was a model in my pants


  2. Anonymous said: Hey I met you at fyf! I waved to you when you were in line for tacos I think. Then i met you again at grimes I asked how you were doing! I just wanted to say you're really nice n cool. I'll see you around! You're not an asshole like other pro skaters I've met.

    thanks you’re not an asshole also

  3. the human body is the best picture of the human soul



  4. Anonymous said: Is nico really gay?

    he’s kinda gay


  6. Anonymous said: If we fought I would destroy you

    cool your jets spartacus


  7. Anonymous said: Is it true that you got kicked out of the nike sb commercial because you started a fight with eight bouncers?

    i’m a lover not a fighter


  8. werner werner werner… 

  9. welcomeskateboards:

    Loglar with a ode to self pleasure air.

  10. chartagnan:

    Doo doodooooo