3. papasticks said: Keep it G young man. You get better and better every time I see ya skate !!



  4. mvstymami said: sean, amazing job in joyride and cherry! You're my Fav sk8r :-) love you!!



  5. asianbbygrl said: god made u a cute lil hoe ass hot sk8r

    hoe ass <3


  6. Anonymous said: Ohhh look at me my names sean pablo I'm so big and strong I can go around jumping all over security guards pSSH WRONG your a dumb fag

    here’s something to read while you cool down



  7. Anonymous said: Too bad ur str8

    doesn’t mean we can’t sk8


  8. Anonymous said: The style you posses is beyond amazing , I absolutely love the way you skate Mr Pablo ( :



  9. Anonymous said: i smile for my friends but i cry later, what do i do?

    find a good therapist


  10. Anonymous said: Describe nico